The yoga studio with wheels

When Deacon Carpenter left his high-profile, high-stress advertising career in New York City, and moved to Sonoma County with his Husband, he dreamed of bringing yoga and other well-being services to residents and guests of Sonoma, Napa and Marin Counties.

In 2015, he purchased YogaONE, and quickly evolved it from a simple yoga studio to a fully integrated medical clinic, called Well Sonoma. Here, his team combines Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese medicine, Cranial Sacral & Visceral Manipulation, massage therapy, yoga therapy and Ayurveda with the practice and community of a yoga studio.

In 2017, Deacon purchased his first Yoga Van (the team call her Vanessa), and has had the pleasure of leading destination yoga since!

Anna is the founder of OMGI Yoga, maker of sustainable yoga mats and blocks perfect for outdoor practice, and came up from Los Angeles to help bring more yoga to more people.

We look forward to your stay.

Deacon & Anna

Yoga is where the mat is

We’ve gone the route of operating a yoga studio, but we live in such a beautiful county with a world class landscape that is so breathtaking it’s tough to ignore. The Yoga Van brings us outdoors into the woods, the parks, the vineyards, the beaches, and beyond. We couldn’t love what we do more.

Powered by OMGI

Making the outdoor yoga experience seamless with a world class feel and a very sustainable world friendly method. OMGI uses 100% recycled tire rubber to make the thick padded base of our yoga mats, and 100% AAA grade up cycled cork to make the Cork Yoga Blocks. OMGI makes sure that we are well equipped for anything!